Extreme Jobs: Ship Breaker, Flathead Racer, Soccer Talent Agent | Retro Doc

Dec 18, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The world is full of people doing incredible work, and the documentary series “Global Insights” seeks to discover the stories behind some of these extraordinary individuals. From airline-anti-terrorist units and Siberian forest firefighters, to those who hunt anacondas barefoot or scale skyscrapers with nothing but ropes and harnesses, Global Insights will take viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Each episode dives into the depths of what it takes to do these extreme jobs – from shark dives for science, to long hours spent patrolling aircraft carriers. It takes passion and courage to pursue such occupations, but it also requires dedication. Whether it’s a ship breaker, flathead racer or soccer talent agent, viewers will be inspired by the personal stories of success that the documentary series brings.

Global Insights is an eye-opening journey full of unique perspectives and amazing acts of courage. From finding out what motivates someone to take such risks, to learning about the rewards that come with extreme jobs, this documentary series offers a fascinating look at what it takes to succeed in our ever-changing world. Tune in now and get ready to experience first hand the lives behind these once in a lifetime stories!

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David B