Extreme Jobs: Rally Paramedic, Hippo Wrangler, Gemstone Dealer | Retro Doc

May 25, 2023 | People, Videos

We are proud to present an exciting documentary that will explore the incredible lives of those who do the most daring work in the world. From airline-anti-terrorist units, to barefoot anaconda hunters and Siberian forest fire fighters, this insightful exposé offers viewers a unique glimpse into the amazing individuals and occupations that exist around us.

The film highlights individuals such as rally paramedics, hippo wranglers, and gemstone dealers – each with their own specialized set of skills, passion and dedication. We see these brave men scaling skyscrapers against all odds just to clean them using nothing but simple ropes and harnesses; we witness shark dives for the sake of scientific research; we even get a look at what it takes to be among the crew aboard an aircraft carrier. The courage and drive required for each of these extreme jobs is inspiring.

If you’re looking for an informative and motivating watch that can take you around the world without ever leaving your couch, then this documentary is definitely for you. Learn more about what it takes to be part of one of these extraordinary professions, discover why they pursue them, and find out what rewards await them on their journey. So don’t hesitate – join us on a captivating trip around the globe that will leave you inspired and informed!

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David B