Extreme Jobs: Public Safety Diver, Special Forces Instructor, Fish Millionaire

Nov 12, 2023 | People, Videos

The world is filled with countless people doing extraordinary work every day. From airline anti-terrorist units to individuals hunting Anacondas barefoot, the range of professions and skills demonstrated by those who take risks and push boundaries is often overlooked. Through our documentary, we aim to explore and uncover the hard work, dedication and rewards that come from such a lifestyle.

Our story begins with public safety divers – a profession that requires immense courage as well as skill. Every year, six divers lose their lives whilst trying to save hundreds of others from drowning; yet their efforts still remain largely unrecognised. Moving on, we then meet Special Forces Instructors in Russia; some of whom are training children as young as 10–16 years old to become part of their military unit. Finally, our journey takes us to the fascinating world of Koi collection – an industry where fish can be sold for up to €100,000!

To get a deeper understanding of these remarkable professions, watch our documentary today for an inspiring look at some of the most amazing jobs out there. Learn about what it takes to succeed in these fields and discover how far reaching your dreams can take you. So come join us on this daring adventure across the globe – you won’t want to miss it!

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David B