Extreme Jobs: Avalanche Cameraman, Coral Hunter, Demolition Manager | Retro Doc

Dec 24, 2023 | Disaster, People, Videos

Are you ready for an adventure? Then join us on an extraordinary journey around the world, to discover some of the most extreme and dangerous jobs out there. In the 2012 Retro Doc “Extreme Jobs” we meet people who do incredible work, taking on tasks that require nerves of steel and remarkable courage.

Avalanche Cameraman are literally putting their lives on the line to capture thrilling footage of these natural disasters. They can be found perched precariously close to the edge of an avalanche path, preparing their cameras in anticipation of what is sure to be an amazing sight – and a nerve-wracking experience! Red Coral Hunters search the depths of oceans and seas in pursuit of rare coral which fetch up to 700 Euros per Kilo. This requires a huge amount of skill and bravery, often diving into hazardous conditions with little thought for their own safety. Lastly, Demolition Supervisors are responsible for making sure that buildings are destroyed in a safe manner – no easy task when dealing with powerful explosives!

This documentary offers us a unique insight into these incredibly brave individuals and the challenges they face every day. It will also appeal to any aspiring thrill seekers or those just looking for inspiration from seeing people achieving things few others would dare attempt. So come along with us on our journey and witness these Extreme Jobs first hand!

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David B