Extreme Jobs: Antiterrorist Team, Bamboo Scaffolder, Crab Fisherman | Retro Docs

Dec 7, 2023 | People, Videos

We live in an age of fascinating and captivating documentaries, none of which are more gripping than the documentary ‘Extreme Jobs’. In this eye-opening exposé, we explore the world of some of its most daring professions: antiterrorist teams, bamboo scaffolders, and crab fishers.

The movie starts by taking us around the globe to meet people who take on extreme jobs. We learn what motivates them and discover how they manage to stay calm when faced with tremendous pressure. From anti-terrorist units to those hunting anacondas barefoot in the Amazon Rainforest or fighting forest fires in Siberia, these amazing stories will inspire viewers while educating them about where their dreams can take them.

The antiterrorist team featured in this documentary are tasked with keeping our skies safe from potential terrorists. With years of experience and rigorous training behind them, they are crucial to upholding national security in a world where aviation safety is constantly at risk.

Bamboo scaffolding is a dangerous profession that requires those who undertake it to balance on beams high up in the sky with razor-sharp precision. This job requires incredible skill, concentration and physical strength. It’s no wonder why these people are so highly respected for their work – simply put, without them many structures could not be created safely!

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David B