Extraordinary Humans: Muscles

Apr 12, 2022 | Health, Medicine, Videos

For most of us, muscles are under our control. But how do our muscles work? And are there conditions that cause our muscles to stop working?

For some people, their muscles are their biggest challenge. This documentary investigates the world of muscles, how they work, the science behind muscles, and much more, taking you on a journey inside the body of two remarkable people.

Both of the people in the documentary live with genetic conditions caused by their muscles. One of them is Jason Dunn, a 35 year old guy that lives with Dystonia, a rare disorder causing his brain to send faulty messages to his muscular system.

As a result, his muscles flex out of his control, and his body twists into unusual positions.

The second person is Ami Ankileweitz. She has Spinal Muscle Atrophy, a condition that causes her muscles to wither away.

How do these two people fight against the obstacles life throws at them? How does their daily life look like? And can they find a way to lower the symptoms? Find out!

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Riyan H.