EXPOSING Ex-Marine Husband’s Murderous $5MILLION Plot | Justine Abshire

Jul 18, 2023 | Crime, Videos

On the night of August 28, 2017, Justine Abshire, a kindergarten teacher and masters degree student, left for home after her usual day. But five hours later she was found by her husband Eric in the middle of the road, 600 feet away from her car. What happened to Justine that night? A new true crime documentary is shining light on this mysterious case and delving deep into the facts and details surrounding Justine’s tragic death.

The documentary features interviews with Eric Abshire who recounts his experience that night and describes how he found Justine’s body in the road. It also goes into detail about what police uncovered during their investigation and examines theories about what could have caused her death. Additionally, experts weigh in on how best to handle domestic violence situations similar to those faced by the Abshires prior to Justine’s passing.

This heart wrenching documentary takes an intimate look at a family tragedy which deeply affected those closest to Justine and left lingering questions that need answers. It features tearful interviews with Eric as well as close friends of Justine – all of which are seeking justice for her untimely death.

If you’re intrigued by this story and want to know more about this heartbreaking case then be sure to check out the full documentary now! Through an immersive experience it takes viewers through a journey of raw emotion as they uncover what really happened to Justine Abshire that fateful evening in August 2017.

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