Jul 14, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Rosemary Theron, Phoenix Theron and Kyle Maspero were all affected by a tragic true crime case that took place in Cape Town, South Africa. This gripping documentary focuses on the lives of Rosemary and her family before and after this mysterious mistrial. Rosemary was a professional clown and puppet-maker, who had a seemingly perfect life until the fateful day that changed everything.

The documentary brings together interviews with those affected by the unfortunate event as well as police officers and forensic investigators who worked on the case. It slowly pieces together key events from the investigation to offer viewers an insight into what happened to Rosemary and her family. It also reveals some of the dark secrets kept hidden within their alternative family dynamic.

This is an incredibly fascinating true crime documentary that will keep viewers captivated throughout. From start to finish, it explores themes of betrayal, loss and justice to provide a compelling narrative for audiences to follow. With interviews from family members, investigators and experts in the field, this is certainly one documentary worth watching for any true crime fan.

If you’re looking for an interesting yet thrilling viewing experience then look no further than this excellent documentary about Rosemary Theron and her family’s story. Tune in every Friday or Sunday to watch two true crime documentaries released each week – with this one sure to be an absolute must-see!

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David B