Exposed: The smear tactics against wind and solar

Jun 29, 2023 | Technology, Videos


Renewable energy has grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade, but with increased attention has come a slew of myths and misconceptions. Even with all the progress we’ve made, there are still those who believe that wind and solar energy aren’t reliable sources of power. To set the record straight, a new documentary dives deep into the world of green energy to debunk these falsehoods once and for all.

The film is an eye-opening look at how big money influences policy and public perception around renewable energy. It takes viewers on a journey to uncover shady lobby groups and secret money streams that have shaped our view of green power. Through interviews with experts, illuminating data visualizations, and investigative reporting, it reveals some remarkable truths about what really drives the renewable energy debate.

This documentary has quickly become one of the most important films of its kind – offering a vital insight into what really goes on behind the scenes in this politically charged industry. It brings us closer to understanding why our society continues to be so divided over renewable energy – and why it remains so misunderstood by so many.

It is essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand why renewable power often gets such bad press and how powerful interests are manipulating public opinion—not just in regards to clean energy, but other relevant issues as well. So don’t miss out! Watch this riveting new documentary and get a glimpse into the hidden world of renewable energy politics today!

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David B