Evolution of Life On Other Planets: Even the Gods Have Gods

Sep 12, 2023 | History, Videos

The documentary Life from Other Planets explores the fascinatingorigins of life on Earth and its potential extraterrestrial sources. Through a comprehensive review of scientific evidence published in respected journals, the documentary examines how archae, bacteria, and cyanobacteria – the first Earthlings – acquired their genetic information and codes to enable the “evolution” of multicellular eukaryotes and metamorphosis of subsequent species.

From exons, introns, transposable elements, informational and operational genes, RNA, ribozomes, mitochondria to core genetic machinery for translating, expressing and repeating genes and the entire genome – these complex processes were made possible through a combination of prokaryotic genes initially used to fashion the first eukaryotes as well as donations and transfers from unicellular organisms to multicellular entities.

Adding more flexibility and complexity was environmental engineering; biologically altering the environment by releasing waste products such as methane, oxygen, calcium carbonate or sulphides that in turn influenced gene expression. The result was frequent evolutionary bursts such as in the Cambrian Explosion.

Yet evolution itself is not random; it is metamorphosis derived from ancestral species that had previously acquired those same genes from living creatures from other planets!

Watching this groundbreaking documentary will give you an unprecedented insight into this remarkable cycle of life across space-time. With amazing visuals backed by solid science research outcomes presented in an accessible manner – this film promises to be a thrilling journey into our universe’s past and future!

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David B