Everything is a Remix

Jun 11, 2023 | Music, Technology, Videos

Everything is a Remix, the documentary from Kirby Ferguson, looks at the changing attitudes towards intellectual property and how these attitudes can stifle creativity instead of encouraging it. By examining the interconnectedness between creations and delving into current laws and norms that often don’t take this into account, Ferguson makes a powerful statement about copyright legislation.

Most creations, books, films, albums or computer applications, are met with indifference or disuse on release. Even those that gain some initial attention quickly fade into obscurity within a few decades; only a tiny minority experience any form of commercial success. Copyleft activists have referred to this small group as ‘lottery winners’. However, the documentary Everything is a Remix provides an eye-opening exploration of intellectual property and copyright law to challenge our understanding of how creativity works.

By combining his own personal experiences in filmmaking with interviews from other creatives across different genres such as music production and software design, Ferguson provides an engaging look at intellectual property today. Through its frank discussion about the responsibilities that come with being creative in today’s world, Everything is a Remix invites its viewers to reconsider their beliefs on these matters while also providing insights for possible solutions to current problems.

If you’re interested in learning more about creativity and its relation to intellectual property, Everything is a Remix provides an insightful overview of these topics in an engaging and entertaining way. This documentary will leave you with a better understanding of our current system and how it affects both creators and consumers alike.

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David B