Everyone’s welcome! A hotel run by people with disabilities

Dec 5, 2023 | People, Videos

In Stadthaushotel Hamburg, Europe’s first ‘integration hotel,’ people with disabilities hold qualified positions, proving that they can perform demanding jobs. Hospitality is the industry of choice, and they do it with passion, exceeding guests’ expectations. The hotel was founded by parents of disabled children who wanted to give them the possibility to live independently. The concept is working, and the beds are fully booked.
The documentary delves into the lives of these extraordinary individuals and the challenges they face daily to make their dreams come true. The film captures scenes of the employees going about their business, providing an insight into their world, garnering empathy and admiration from guests and colleagues alike. Get ready for an inspiring and uplifting experience as you follow Claudia Peterson, who has Down syndrome, and many others who have paved the way for the integration movement.

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David B