Europe’s toughest dogsled race

Sep 12, 2023 | Animals, Sports, Videos

The Finnmarksløpet: a grueling test of endurance that separates the best mushers from the rest. For the competitors, the prize isn’t just a trophy, it’s the chance to prove their worth against the most challenging course in Europe. This year, the race is filled with surprises, with newcomers such as the natural-born musher Hanna Lyrek and Germany’s Ben Voigt looking to make their mark against the experienced veterans.
Join us and witness the incredible bond between musher and dog as they push their limits through freezing temperatures, stormy weather, and sleepless nights. Meet the people behind the sport and learn about their passion for dogsledding. Will they overcome the odds and make it to the finish line? Tune in and follow the wild ride that is the Finnmarksløpet.

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David B