Europe in Space – Reliable into the next Frontier | Space Science | Episode 6

Dec 3, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Space Science is a fascinating exploration into the depths of space, with a particular focus on the European perspective. Episode 6, titled “Europe in Space – Reliable into the next Frontier”, takes a closer look at the Ariane 5 and its status as the most reliable launcher into space.
With an impressive record of over 60 successful launches and only one failure, the Ariane 5 is a true testament to Europe’s leadership in commercial satellite launches, surpassing even the US and Russia in this field. However, with the industry being small but highly competitive, there is growing competition from private players – which begs the question, how will Europe fare in this dynamic market?
In Episode 6 of Space Science, Professor Dr. Ulrich Walter provides an outlook on Europe’s current and upcoming space age. As a renowned expert in the field of space science, Dr. Walter delivers insightful commentary on the current state of the industry, as well as providing valuable insight on Europe’s competitive edge in this field.
Watching Space Science Episode 6 is not only an informative experience, but also an exciting one. With vivid visuals and expert commentary, viewers are sure to gain a deeper understanding of Europe’s place in the space industry. So don’t hesitate – tune in to Episode 6 today and discover the wonders of space science!

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David B