Nov 28, 2023 | Political, Videos

Ethos is an eye-opening and important documentary hosted by Woody Harrelson that shines a light on the various ways our systems have failed us, and how powerful forces are constantly working against democracy, our environment, and the common good. With extensive research and examination, Ethos uncovers the hidden connections between politics, multinational corporations, and the media in order to explore how we got here – to a place where inequality is rampant and deception from those in power has become commonplace.

In Ethos, Harrelson examines these problems head-on with incredible depth of knowledge. He investigates why it’s so hard to have meaningful conversations about institutional issues like war profiteering or environmental destruction when they are so entrenched in our society. He reveals the root causes behind these issues and how they have been encouraged by a system that values profit over people.

But Ethos doesn’t just leave viewers feeling helpless – it also offers a way forward through its powerful message of self-empowerment. The documentary encourages viewers to take back control by using their own financial power: an idea whose time has come as more and more people use their wallets as a form of political protest.

If you’re looking for an entertaining yet thought-provoking examination of the flaws in our systems, then Ethos is definitely worth watching. It will challenge you to think differently about democracy at its core – inspiring hope while highlighting the urgent need for reform.

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David B