Ethiopia: The War With Tigray

May 20, 2023 | Lifestyle, Military/War, Nature, People, Social, Videos

For nearly two years, Ethiopia has been in the midst of a civil war that has left much of the country in disarray. The conflict began when separatists from the Tigrayan forces launched an attack on the Afar region in order to break through a blockade imposed by the federal government. ARTE journalists were able to capture footage and firsthand accounts from refugees and fighters fleeing to the nearby mountains during the siege on Abala.

The war has had devastating effects not only on those directly involved, but on innocent civilians as well who have lost access to basic necessities such as food and healthcare. As a result, thousands have been displaced from their homes and are living in poverty with little hope for improvement. Despite these realities, many still strive to persevere despite this difficult period for Ethiopia.

For viewers looking to learn more about this conflict and its impact, ARTE recently released a documentary entitled “The War Behind Closed Doors” that offers unprecedented insight into what is happening inside Ethiopia’s borders. Through interviews with locals, military personnel and experts on the subject, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of why this civil war continues to rage on and how it has affected those living in its crossfire.

If you want to understand the true nature of this conflict and its consequences better, then be sure to watch “The War Behind Closed Doors” which premieres July 15th at 8 PM EST. This documentary will provide viewers with an intimate look into what is really happening behind closed doors in Ethiopia; an opportunity not many are granted access too.

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