Episode 3 - Art of Reshaping Reality - Let Me Be Frank

  • Published 6 years ago
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We continue with the Let me Be Frank serial, presenting episode 3. For this episode, music is again done by musicians, and the music is exclusive for the serial.

Frank James Moore is born in 1946, and for years, the American public has known him as an underground counter-culture hero who has been inspiration for art, music and everything in between. His performances in the early 90s were a show, with nudity, participation from the audience, eroticism, and ritualistic scenes tagged as obscene.

The serial was originally planned to be a documentary about his life, but the producers decided to extend it to a serial, featuring footage from Frank and some of his books.

The rest of the footage, which is more than three hours long and features people in Frank’s life, and those who have read his book and commented can be seen on his personal website, http://www.eroplay.com/letmebefrank/.

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