Episode 2 – A Wounded Healer – Let Me Be Frank

Mar 6, 2023 | Activism, Performing Arts, Videos

Presenting Episode 2 of “Let me Be Frank” serial. For the first episode, music was done by Frank himself. But for Episode 2, and the next episodes, you’ll see music done by musicians exclusively for the serial.

Frank James Moore is an underground counter-culture hero that has been an artistic inspiration for years. He was famous early in the 90s, as one of the best American performance artists. Now, he inspires people with his music and his new show.

The Let me be Frank serial was originally planned as a documentary about Frank’s life, but after the initial episode, the producers decided to make a whole serial, representing his life and thoughts in a better way.

Frank’s performance is characterized by ritualistic scenes, nudity, audience participation and eroticism.

The rest of the footage, which is more than three hours long and features people in Frank’s life, and those who have read his book and commented can be seen on his personal website, http://www.eroplay.com/letmebefrank/.

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Riyan H.