Entering the Sea | Inside Navy Strategies | Episode 1

May 29, 2023 | Aviation, Military/War, Videos

A heavily armed airplane carrier and the Strike 8 are now training on the ocean in case of an emergency. The aim of the manoeuvre, which will last for four weeks on the Atlantic Ocean, is to optimize their tactical interaction before going to the next assigned mission. This exercise is part of a must-see documentary as it shows the dedication and commitment of these brave and skilled men and women in protecting their nations.
Leading the fleet is the USS Harry S. Truman, which stretches up to 333 meters long, surrounded by several destroyers and a reconnaissance ship, the frigate Hesse. Watching this historical event will surely be a thrilling and informative experience, as you witness the capability and readiness of these warriors.
We highly recommend that you watch the documentary to get a glimpse of these extraordinary military operations on the Atlantic.

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David B