ENDED For Saying THIS 1 WORD | The Case of ALICIA ROSS

Jul 8, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Alicia Ross was living an extraordinary life. At 25 years old, she had seen the world, was climbing up the ladder of success at her workplace, and had recently found a new love in Sean Hine. She was widely admired and loved by many, with no known enemies to speak of – until tragedy struck in what would become her last night alive.

This is the focus of the documentary ‘Alicia Ross’, which follows the story of Alicia’s mysterious disappearance and the events that followed. Who is Daniel Sylvester? How did a single word uttered by Alicia Ross change everything? What happened that night – and could it ever be figured out?

The documentary uncovers these mysteries as we follow Alicia’s family on their quest for truth and justice. It explores deeper into Alicia’s life and untangles intricate webs of secrets kept hidden between those closest to her – secrets that could hold the key to unlocking what happened on that fateful night.

With unparalleled access, powerful visuals and compelling interviews from those involved, this documentary takes viewers closer than ever before to uncovering what truly happened to Alicia Ross. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding what happened to Alicia – so don’t miss out!

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David B