End: Civ Resist or Die

Sep 8, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

END: CIV is an eye-opening documentary by Derrick Jensen that examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and its devastating consequences for both people and nature. The film uses music, archival footage, motion graphics, animation, slapstick and satire to deconstruct the global economic system as it unravels around us.

END: CIV follows Jensen’s best-selling book Endgame in asking us to consider what we would do if our homeland was invaded by aliens who destroyed our environment. Through inspiring stories of sacrifice and heroism, the film paints a vivid picture of how human actions can lead to poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Shot in the back country, the documentary also includes stunning images of breathtaking natural beauty interspersed with evidence of destruction that has become all too commonplace.

By delving into this powerful subject matter with poetic rhetoric and intuitive visual storytelling, END: CIV challenges us to think critically about our current situation as well as what we can do to create a better future. With its thought-provoking approach and captivating visuals, watching this documentary is sure to be a moving experience that will inspire viewers to take action against the systematic exploitation of people and planet alike.

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David B