Empire of the Tsars – The Evolution of Russia’s Romanov Dynasty

Aug 15, 2022 | History, Videos

For more than three centuries, the House of Romanov ruled Russia. The direct male line came to end in 1762, when Elizabeth of Russia died. However, Peter III ascended the throne and continued the blood line.

Lucy Worsley, a British reporter travels to Russia to tell the story of the Romanov dynasty. The epic tale in three parts includes everything from Peter, to Catherine, to the fight against Napoleon and the end when Nicholas II and his family were executed.

The first part of the documentary, titled “Reinventing Russia”, starts with the beginning of the reign of the dynasty. It all started in 1613, when Russia was leaderless. A 16 year old boy, named Mikhail Romanov was offered the crown and granted absolute power.

It was Mikhail who began the reign of the dynasty. Nowadays, the Romanovs are considered one of the most influential dynasties in the history of modern Europe.

In the first part, Lucy also takes a look at Peter the Great, the tsar who modernized Russia at the end of the 17th century. He started his journey as a nine year old boy, when he witnessed the slaughter of his uncle. Sixteen years later, he executed more than 1000 guards in vengeance, and established Russia as a naval power. To make sure that his legacy will live, Peter established a new maritime capital, the city nowadays known as Saint Petersburg.

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Riyan H.