Empire of the Tsars - Catherine the Great

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Lucy Worsley, a British reporter, continues her journey through Russia, revealing the secrets and the story of one of the most influential and powerful dynasties in modern Europe, the Romanovs.

After the story of Peter, in the second part of the documentary, Lucy talks about Catherine the Great. Peter was a tough act to follow, but Catherine the great managed to bring Russia’s power and glory to heights that Peter could only dream for.

The traumatic conflict with Napoleon that occurred in the 18th century serves as a setting for one of the most famous novels in literature history, War and Peace.

Catherine was one of the most powerful and influential woman in history of the world. Bright, powerful, intelligent and vicious, Catherine will bring Russia to its golden age. She managed to transform Russia into a major European power.

She is also famous for her lovers. Her collection of lovers is as big and as famous as her collection of art pieces and gloried victories.

But the most interesting part about Catherine is that she was a ruler without a single blood of Russian blood. How did she manage to achieve such great success? By relentlessly pursuing power and success, and managing every single aspect of her brand. She can also be considered one of the first “fashion icons”, as she managed to use her clothes for creating her image.

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