Elvis: That’s the Way It Is

Nov 20, 2023 | Performing Arts, Videos

Elvis Presley is remembered as one of the most influential musicians of all time – and his story is even more remarkable when you consider that he was only an unknown singer from a small town in Mississippi. His rise to superstardom forever changed the American cultural landscape, and now fans can learn even more about him with the release of Elvis Presley – That’s The Way It Is, a documentary that chronicles his incredible life.

The documentary covers Elvis’ early days as an unknown musician from Tupelo, Mississippi. Despite his humble beginnings, he quickly gained fame for his rousing performances and electrifying stage presence. His music blended blues, country, gospel, and Negro spirituals in a way that captivated audiences. While some were scandalized by his provocative movements on stage – teenage girls famously fainted at the sight of him – most could not deny how successful he had become. He went on to star in many films including Viva Las Vegas with Ann-Margret and wore flashy suits covered in rhinestones during live performances.

In addition to providing insight into Elvis’ musical roots and career trajectory, this documentary offers a unique glimpse into the moments leading up to his concerts at the International Hotel (which was then the largest hotel in the world). Viewers will get an inside look at Elvis’ practice sessions and pre-concert jitters, allowing them to witness firsthand why he was such an incredible performer. Through these scenes they can also appreciate how much Elvis had grown as an artist since first hitting it big in 1956. His unique vocal talent has only deepened over time and every song has a soulfulness born out of years of experience.

Above all else this documentary showcases Elvis’ phenomenal impact on American culture. He created a new style of music that influenced countless other artists and inspired millions of fans around the world. This is an essential watch for anyone who wants to understand why Elvis truly deserves the title “King Of Rock-N-Roll.” Don’t miss out on your chance to see it!

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David B