El Salvador: The coolest dictator in the world?

May 26, 2023 | Crime, Justice, Military/War, People, Videos

El Salvador has long been a country plagued by gang violence and terror. But when Nayib Bukelewa was elected president in 2019, he brought with him a new hope for the citizens of El Salvador. At only 38 years old, Bukelewa is the youngest head of state in Latin America and his ambitious vision for the future of his country includes taking back control from the gangs. To achieve this goal, he declared a state of emergency and began to work on implementing policies that would make El Salvador safer and more prosperous.

The state of emergency has seen drastic changes indeed. The government increased its presence in impoverished neighborhoods, cracked down on organized crime and deployed the military to ensure public safety throughout El Salvador. The president also addressed human rights issues within the country, such as addressing gender-based violence, which had become rampant due to gang activity. This led to an overall reduction in violent crime throughout El Salvador’s towns and cities.

Despite these achievements, life for many remains deeply impacted by gang violence. To better understand what life is like living under fear of gang activity, it is worth watching “Salvadoran Gangs: Life Under Fear,” a documentary exploring how people live with gangs all around them every day. It shows their resilience despite increasingly dangerous circumstances they are facing every day and highlights all those who have stood up against gang intimidation and oppression to demand a better future for their countries next generation.

The documentary “Salvadoran Gangs: Life Under Fear” gives a powerful voice to those affected by gangs in El Salvador – but it also offers an opportunity to witness firsthand how Bukelewa’s bold policies have helped bring about security and hope to an area once ruled by fear and violence. By understanding the full impact that gangs have had on El Salvador’s citizens, viewers can gain appreciation for Bukelewa’s courageous efforts to combat gang activity while championing human rights protection along the way.

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David B