Egypt’s Lost Queens

Sep 5, 2023 | History, Videos

Ancient Egypt was a land of richness and mystery that flourished for over 6,000 years. The lives and accomplishments of ancient Egyptian rulers have been celebrated, studied and remembered by people from all over the world. However, one crucial element of the culture has been largely overlooked – the female figures that shaped it. Joann Fletcher, an experienced historian and Egyptologist, uncovers some of these important forgotten women in her documentary “The Real Women of Ancient Egypt”.

Fletcher’s documentary delves into the forgotten history of female power in Ancient Egypt. Throughout its millennia-long existence, at least 18 women held the title of Pharaoh – a feat unheard of in many other societies at the time. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that women had access to higher education in Ancient Egypt; they could become doctors, prime ministers and even high priestesses. All of this serves to illustrate just how advanced the culture was in terms of gender equality.

What makes Fletcher’s documentary so captivating is her ability to draw on archaeological evidence and firsthand accounts from historians to bring life back into these long-lost stories. Audiences will learn about powerful women such as Hatshepsut – who ruled as Pharaoh after taking control through marriage – or Nitocris, who planned her own revenge against those responsible for her brother’s death. These tales are interspersed with interviews from modern-day academics, giving viewers an expert insight on various aspects discussed throughout the film.

This documentary offers a unique glimpse into lesser known parts of Ancient Egyptian culture; it encourages everyone to think more deeply about their understanding of history and makes them want to learn more about it. By providing audiences with detailed knowledge on female leaders from several periods throughout Egyptian civilization, Fletcher has created an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this fascinating time period. Therefore if you’re ready to discover some extraordinary tales about remarkable women from the past, then don’t miss out on “The Real Women of Ancient Egypt”!

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David B