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Nov 17, 2023 | Social, Videos

China has long been a nation of hardworking, ambitious people striving to improve their lives by any means necessary. But in recent years, the economic growth that had once promised so much to so many has become a source of despair for those who are unable to access higher education.

In China, education is seen as the key to escaping poverty and achieving success. But the reality is that the country’s higher education system is failing an entire generation of graduates, leaving them unemployed or underemployed with no real path forward. Those who can’t afford college tuition or don’t have the qualifications are left out of this educational system in favor of those that do. This dynamic has led to what’s known as “the ant-tribe” – a group of 2 million newly graduated Chinese students who can’t find a job after completing their studies.

The consequences of this educational inequality are explored in detail in the 2017 documentary “Out Of Poverty“, which follows three students from different provinces as they try to find employment and make their way out of poverty. The documentary provides unique insight into the experiences faced by these students – whether it be finding ways to pay for college tuition, making difficult career choices, or even having to sell fake degrees just to make ends meet.

The documentary also highlights how all too often it takes more than just hard work and dedication for those living in poverty to break out of it. It’s an important reminder that while economic development brings many benefits, some individuals still fall through the cracks and suffer from an unequal society where access to quality education is not guaranteed for all.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking look at life inside China’s growing underclass then Out Of Poverty is definitely worth your time. With its powerful story-telling and engaging cast of characters, this documentary offers an intimate look at life on the margins in modern China that should not be missed.

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