Edmund Kemper: In His Own Words

Sep 5, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Edmund Kemper, also known as The CoEd Killer, is a notorious serial killer who recently made a comeback to mainstream media with the release of Netflix’s new series, Mindhunter. Through insightful interviews and dramatized elements, the show offers an intriguing look into the mind of this disturbed individual and his motivations for his heinous crimes.

Kemper’s story begins with his turbulent childhood. At the age of nine he witnessed his parents’ painful divorce and was subsequently left in the care of his two sisters and abusive mother, Clarnell. This woman subjected her son to psychological torment on account of his size and mocked him for his ‘weirdo’ personality while instilling in him that no woman would ever love him. Over time, these experiences transformed into a deep-seated hatred for women which manifested itself in heart-wrenching violence against innocent victims.

With its blend of authentic interviews and dramatized scenes, Mindhunter provides an engrossing portrait of Edmund Kemper’s life and crime spree. From his troubled upbringing to the twisted logic that drove him forward, this documentary will leave you spellbound and horrified in equal measure. Get ready to experience one of history’s most infamous serial killers through an entirely new lens – watch Mindhunter today!

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David B