Dubai’s Dirty Gold

May 14, 2023 | Culture, Justice, Nature, People, Social, Technology, Videos

Mali is fast becoming the gold trading hub of the Sahel region, with most of the precious metal eventually ending up in Dubai. But this lucrative trade has a darker side: much of it is conducted without any regulation or transparency, allowing for exploitation and corruption throughout the supply chain.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is now pushing for stricter rules to be put in place to ensure that gold traders in Mali have a more responsible approach. But because of the indirect support provided by Dubai, which turns a blind eye to where their ingots come from, it is proving difficult to get these standards enforced.

The dangers posed by this unregulated industry are laid out in detail in a recent documentary by independent filmmakers ‘Grave Gold’. Through interviews with miners, traders and activists, they uncover how daily life is affected by an economy based on conflict gold – from the physical risks taken by artisanal miners to the tax evasion practiced by established businesses. The film also reveals wider issues around sustainability and accountability.

This important documentary should serve as an urgent reminder that we need tougher regulations governing gold trading in Mali and beyond. It’s time that those complicit in turning a blind eye to illegal practices took responsibility for their actions – before it’s too late. Watch Grave Gold today – and help make sure everyone involved in this secretive trade is held accountable.

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David B