Drug Could Become A Pharmaceutical Of The Future

May 27, 2022 | Drugs, History, Science, Videos

50 years ago, psychedelics like LSD escaped the labs, and became one of the worst and dangerous street drugs. Nowadays, the LSD is still one of the most potent chemicals for mood changing. Derived from a poisonous ergot fungus, just one small sample of the drug can produce 12 hours of effects.

Before it became a street drug, LSD was actually used in the lab as a stimulation. Today, it is produced as a candy bar. Just two drops of LSD on a candy bar is more than enough for a 12 hours journey. And the candies cost as much as a movie ticket.

But can the LSD change tides, and go from one of the most dangerous compounds, to one of the widely used health alternative medicines? A National Geographic documentary explores the options of a hallucinogen therapy with LSD, and how it could benefit mankind.

Scientists are exploring ways that LSD can be used beneficially. For example, one way they used it was for treating headaches. Five out of six patients felt benefits of using LSD to cure headaches. Of course, that was controlled research, and the sample is too small. But the future might hold something more royal for the LSD.

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Riyan H.