Drought and floods — the climate exodus

May 25, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Social, Videos

Displaced’, a gripping documentary series, delves into the heart of the refugee crisis and explores the reasons behind the mass exodus of people from their homes. With over 70 million people forcibly displaced worldwide, the series probes the issue to unravel the impact of political decisions on millions of lives.
The series sheds light on how industrialized countries are causing catastrophic climate change that has forced millions from their homes. Through harrowing accounts of those who have had to flee, ‘Displaced’ offers a first-hand insight into the ways in which wealthy nations have deepened the Global South’s woes. With a focus on the human dimension of this distressing crisis, the series offers a sobering reflection on the choices we make today, and what the future holds for the multitude of refugees looking to survive.

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David B