Drones, robots, and super sperm – the future of farming

Jun 11, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Get ready to witness the agriculture industry’s next frontier! “Smart farming” is the buzzword, and with good reason. The use of digital solutions such as unmanned tractors, drones, and genetically optimized calves, are paving the way for high-efficiency farming practices.
This exciting documentary delves into the world of “smart farming” in Germany, through the stories of three farmers who are on the forefront of this new age of agriculture. First, we have Johanna Schendel, a breeding consultant, who takes us through the process of creating optimized dairy cows by using the right bull semen. Then, meet Heiner Bartels, an asparagus farmer who, armed with nothing but his smartphone, employs smart technology to calculate the optimum time to harvest. And finally, get to know Bernd Meyer, a drone pilot who battles field pests from the air in maize fields, using the latest technologies. Join us on this incredible journey of “smart farming,” where technology and nature unite to bring us the food we love.

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David B