DRC: Female Miners Fighting For Their Rights

Sep 12, 2023 | Justice, People, Social, Videos

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country with immense natural resources, yet the women who work in its mining industry are treated as little more than slaves. These women often receive insufficient wages for their labor and are confronted with the difficult decision of either supplementing their meager incomes with prostitution or theft.

However, hope is on the horizon as a group of female miners in the east of the country have decided to take control and create a new cooperative. This would allow them to access fair wages, as well as safety and basic rights due to each worker. The collective will also make it possible for them to pool resources, allowing them to lift themselves out of poverty and transform their lives.

The inspiring story is documented in an upcoming documentary by director Sally Mathison-Flynn entitled “Sisters in Struggle”. The film follows these remarkable women’s journey from despair to empowerment as they fight against centuries of oppression and exploitation. It is an urgent reminder that we must all do our part to combat human trafficking and exploitation across the globe.

This powerful story can only be understood by witnessing it firsthand, so please watch “Sisters in Struggle” when it comes out to gain insight into this important struggle for justice and equality– not just for these courageous Congolese women but everywhere around the world.

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David B