Don’t Tread On Me: Rise Of The Republic

Jul 18, 2022 | Conspiracy, Videos

Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic is a documentary which exposes the commerce clause, defines Sovereignty, the proper role of government, a Constitutional Militia and much more.

The film forces the viewers to think on what is Your Line in the Sand one stands. What one wonders if a patriot uprising is probably underway ready to capture the spirit of 1776.

The documentary film provides the viewers a glimpse movement, mindset, and legislation that will catapult and propel the “Great Restoration” movement right into households across America.

Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic Don’t Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic provides practical answers and solutions to take back the rights which have been taken away by the power hungry and despotic federal government.

The film attempts to educate, inspire, and activate a nation and its people who are desperately seeking direction. It will make them think and rethink the question what side of the line will you stand?

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Riyan H.