Don King, Unauthorized

Aug 31, 2023 | Crime, Sports, Videos

Don King is more than just a boxing promoter; he is a cultural icon. With his flamboyant suits, electrified hair and mesmerizing personality, it’s no wonder Don King has been on the cover of countless national magazines. However, beneath this charismatic exterior lies a violent past in Cleveland, Ohio rooted in numbers racketeering and intimidating behaviour.

In 1991, reporter John Newfield created an investigative documentary to get beneath the surface of Don King’s life. The Frontline special examines not only his criminal history but also his great success and how he works with young fighters. While Don King may present himself as benign rouge, Newfield shows that his roots are much darker than what meets the eye.

This documentary provides an in-depth look at the extraordinary life of Don King. From his time spent running numbers in Cleveland to hosting major fights across Las Vegas – viewers will gain insight into the man behind the mythical persona. If you want to learn about Don King’s true character and understand how his story has shaped sports culture forever, then this Frontline special is essential viewing!

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David B