Dogs & us – The secrets of an unbreakable friendship

Dec 19, 2022 | People, Videos

Several thousand years ago, humans and dogs made an emotional pact. Today, that pact of friendship is still unbroken.
Whether hunting, sledging or herding, dogs have accompanied humans everywhere, from deserts and jungles to the ice-covered ends of the earth.
But while the dog has long embodied true friendship and boundless loyalty, only recently have we started to understand this magnificent animal. What do we really know about our four-legged friends?
“Dogs & Us – The Secret of a Friendship” tells beautiful, exciting and extraordinary real-life stories of dogs and humans around the world. From the shelter dog helping a prison inmate find courage, to the specially trained four-legged companion of a young autistic woman, to the rescue dog using smell to locate missing people.
In breathtaking pictures, the documentary shows dogs’ special skills and uncovers why they are essential to our society. Why can dogs communicate with us so well? How far does this understanding go? And what exactly is the secret of this wonderful friendship?

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Riyan H.