Dogs & us – The secrets of an unbreakable friendship

May 6, 2023 | Animals, Social, Videos

Get ready to witness some of the most heart-warming and extraordinary stories of our four-legged friends in “Dogs & Us – The Secret of a Friendship”. This documentary takes you on a journey around the world to explore the close-knit bond that dogs share with humans.

The unparalleled bond between humans and dogs is a result of an emotional pact that was made several thousand years ago, and is still unbroken till this day. “Dogs & Us – The Secret of a Friendship” showcases the unparalleled loyalty of dogs, whether it’s in hunting, sledging or herding, as they have accompanied humans everywhere, from deserts and jungles to the ice-covered ends of the Earth. Experience breathtaking real-life stories of dogs and humans alike, ranging from a shelter dog that helps a prison inmate find courage to a specially trained four-legged companion of a young autistic woman. What makes dogs so special? How are they able to communicate with us so well? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this captivating documentary that reveals the secret of this wonderful friendship between humans and dogs.

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David B