Dog-Fighting Undercover

May 15, 2022 | Nature, Videos

I was approached by the BBC for 18 months with the idea of trying to infiltrate a network of dogfighting in the United Kingdom. My views on animal welfare have always been strong and the thought of people fighting dogs makes me sick to my stomach. I wanted to expose these people. This was an investigation that had to do. But where I can start? People involved in this barbaric sport called together are so close that a stranger on the scene immediately arouses suspicion. As for the scene – where was the scene? Where are these people? Where do dogs fight? How to recognize a dog fight? I knew very little about dog fighting and my knowledge that the dog they use – the Pit Bull Terrier – was limited. My priority was to investigate the Pit Bull Terrier and drill myself on the characteristics of the dog. I tried again and again until every detail was burned into my brain. Had to be.

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Riyan H.