The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

  • Published 4 years ago
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What is content? And how it is important to our lives? Living in the era of advanced technology, we are definitely aware how technology changed everything.

Marketing, media, and advertising have had to adapt in the past several years to the new trends. And that is where content marketing is coming from.

Content marketing is basically a way marketing companies communicate with their consumers. A lot of media companies are still having troubles grasping the term “Content marketing”.

Consumers, on the other hand, have no idea they are basically part of the content marketing. But that is the beauty of the content marketing. You are getting what you want, without you knowing the marketer is targeting you.

The documentary Content Marketing: The Rise of New Marketing looks at companies like Red Bull, Kraft, and Marriott, and how they changed their marketing ways to adapt to the new reality. In addition, you will hear from some of the leading marketing influencers on what is needed to survive in this new world of marketing.

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