Documentary on arranged marriage | “The Only Son”

Aug 2, 2022 | Social, Videos

“The Only Son” is a 2013 Dutch documentary, directed by Simonka de Jong. It is a story about the challenge of keeping Dolpo’s ancient culture alive as the area becomes less isolated.
The film centers on Pema’s parents’ expectation that Pema will return to Dolpo, Nepal, when he completes his education, marry a Dolpapa woman, and manage the family’s land. As the only son, this is his role in Dolpo’s traditional culture.
Pema is torn between his duty to the family and his desire to live the modern life that he now prefers. The film is primarily shot in Karang, a village at 13,000 feet in Upper Dolpo, one of the most remote areas of Nepal. It has been shown at a number of International Film Festivals.
Pema received his bachelor and master’s degree in the Netherlands and currently works there and visits Nepal often to spend time with the family.

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Riyan H.