Diving in Bali

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Bali is one of the best islands for divers. With the water surprisingly unheralded, coral ridges, deep drop-offs, steep banks, and rich and varied dive sites, Bali makes diving a special experience like nothing else. The colorful and diverse marine life is just the bonus you get.

The best part about Bali diving is that everyone can enjoy it, from amateurs, to professional divers of all levels. And even macro lovers will find something for them.

The documentary is part of the large collection of diving videos by Nick Cope, an enthusiast who loves diving. As a part of an expedition to Indonesia, Cope made sure to capture the magical island of Bali.

The documentary features all of the famous and popular choices for diving, as well as the less known places. The video features the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Coral Garden, Tulamben Drop-Off, Seraya Secrets, Blue Lagoon, Pura Jepun, Manta Point and PED.

Take a look at all of the diving sites, with included explanation and guide how to get there, and what is the best time to visit.

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