Dispatches: Iraq Reckoning

Aug 28, 2023 | Military/War, Political, Videos

Iraq, a country once heralded as the model of hope for a unified liberal democracy in the Middle East, is now being portrayed by political editor Peter Oborne as a catastrophic failure. The Spectator’s latest documentary, Exit Strategy, follows Oborne’s journey through Iraq’s current political landscape to uncover the truth about the West’s withdrawal plan.

Oborne interviews figures such as Richard Perle, Peter Galbraith, Deputy Chief of Army staff General Jack Keane and Rory Stewart who each provide their own perspective on what they believe to be the cause of this foreign policy disaster. These perspectives inform his conclusion that the path to a unified liberal democracy is ‘pure fantasy’.

Visiting US forces in Sadr City, Oborne discovers that coalition forces have become increasingly irrelevant to determining Iraq’s future – one that he believes will not be united, liberal or democratic. While these views may be bleak and hard to hear, they are essential in understanding the reality of Iraq today and provide an insight into how our decisions and actions can have disastrous consequences when executed without foresight or planning.

Exit Strategy is an eye-opening documentary which challenges viewers to confront the harsh realities of our nation’s failed policies without shying away from difficult truths. It provides an unprecedented look at the delicate balance of power in Iraq while exploring questions about accountability for those responsible for this costly mistake. We highly encourage viewers to watch Exit Strategy to gain valuable insight into one of history’s biggest mistakes and make sure we don’t repeat it again.

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David B