DISOBEDIENCE The Rise of the Global Fossil Fuel Resistance

Sep 18, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Climate change is a serious crisis that threatens our planet and all its life forms. In recent years, we have seen extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, floods and hurricanes become more frequent and intense. This has wreaked havoc on our ecosystems and has had devastating effects on communities around the world.

Farmers have been particularly hard hit by changes in climate, with their crops withering away due to higher temperatures or drowning in sudden flooding. This has resulted in many farmers having to abandon their land and search for other sources of income. Scientists are warning us of the consequences of continuing to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and the urgent need to reduce emissions.

We can no longer ignore this looming threat and must take action now before it is too late. To gain a better understanding of this complex issue, why not watch ‘Climate Crisis’, a documentary exploring how global warming is impacting our lives? This eye-opening film follows scientists, activists and policy makers who are trying to bring attention to the dangers of climate change while seeking solutions to this growing problem. Through interviews with experts from around the world, ‘Climate Crisis’ presents an honest look at how human activities are contributing to rising temperatures and what steps we can take to reverse them. Don’t miss it!

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David B