Dirty Wars - Full Documentary on America's covert wars

  • Published 5 years ago
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Jeremy Scahill is one of the best reporters in the United States. He is the founding editor of The Intercept, an online news publication, and author of some of the best US military documentaries.

The Dirty Wars is one of his best documentaries, following his investigative reporting from Afghanistan to Yemen, Somalia, and every other country which has American soldiers in it.

In the documentary, he publicly explains the war that happens behind the scene, the hidden world of America’s covert wars.

In Dirty Wars, he explores one of the most underreported stories in the past few years, a deadly raid in Afghanistan that turns into a global investigation of the secretive and powerful Joint Special Operations Command.

The jargon of JSOC is “find, fix, and finish”, and Scahill gets right in the middle of their operation. As he digs deeper into their activities, he is pulled by men who do not exist on paper, and who represent the true nature of America’s hidden war.

Jeremy is definitely one of the bravest reporters, and we can all thank him for the job he is doing.

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