Digital solutions for decent lives – Founders Valley (1/3)

Oct 28, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

In “Founder’s Valley”, meet a team of young entrepreneurs who are determined to change the narrative of those who depend on agriculture and fishing for their livelihood in Ghana. With nearly a third of Ghana’s 31 million people among the poorest of the poor, these individuals believe digital solutions can make a huge difference.
Ghana is one of the world’s largest producers of cocoa beans, soybeans and rice, and has some of the most abundant fishing grounds in the world, however, nearly half of its population lives in poverty. In a country where only half the population has access to the internet, their mission to bring digital solutions to the forefront is a daunting task. Will their efforts be enough to turn the tide of impoverishment in the agricultural production and fishing industries? Find out in this edition of “Founder’s Valley”.

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David B