The world is filled with immense stone monuments that have stood the test of time, but the origins and purpose of these structures remain a mystery. Ancient man is credited with building them, but there are some intriguing questions surrounding their creation. For instance, why is it that they all seem to appear at roughly the same time? How were monuments like the Giza pyramids aligned so precisely to true North, with no margin of error greater than one-tenth of a degree?

These and other questions are explored in fascinating detail in a new documentary, which seeks to uncover whether aliens had anything to do with the construction of these ancient landmarks. Through interviews with experts and examination of archaeological evidence, viewers explore the possibility that extraterrestrial beings may have provided humans with information necessary for constructing such massive stone objects. From theories about how the stones were moved into place to explanations about their unique geometrical structures, this documentary dives deep into one of humanity’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

For those who seek answers to these age-old riddles and want an even deeper dive into the potential links between aliens and manmade monuments, this documentary offers an insightful look at an intriguing subject. With compelling evidence presented in an engaging way, it provides an eye-opening view into a mysterious part of our history that still remains largely unexplored today. So if you’re fascinated by unsolved mysteries or searching for answers regarding our past, then this documentary is perfect for you.