Dictator’s Dilemma | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

Sep 19, 2022 | Political, Videos

Examining the mind of Kim Jong Un, we explore the unpredictable leader as he forges a future for his country while maintaining control of its people.
An intimate archive takes us inside the Kim family including his ascendant sister, and with an exclusive interview with a duped assassin we learn how Kim arranged the assassination of his half-brother in an audacious airport attack.
Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician who has been Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea since 2012. He is a son of Kim Jong-il, who was North Korea’s second supreme leader from 1994 to 2011, and Ko Yong-hui.
The constitution of the country defines North Korea as a “dictatorship of people’s democracy”, under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which is given legal supremacy over other political parties.

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Riyan H.