Diamond Labs

Aug 27, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The Diamond Labs documentary by Horizon takes viewers to the cutting edge of diamond technology, uncovering the secrets of how laboratory-created gems are made. The documentary explores the impact of this breakthrough on the world’s biggest diamond trader, De Beers, and whether these new diamonds can be distinguished from natural stones.

The show begins in Moscow with a dubious meeting between retired US Army General Carter Clarke and some Russian scientists. There, Clarke acquires experimental diamond-growing machines that were originally intended for use by the military. With these machines he creates a new type of gemstone, mass-producing high quality coloured diamonds.

In another part of the world, father and son team Robert and Bryant Linares create their own colourless diamonds at a secret location south of Boston. According to them, these synthetic stones are higher quality than anything found in nature – but can they slip through De Beers’ detection net?

In response to this potential threat, De Beers has invested heavily in a Gem Defensive Programme with the goal of finding ways to differentiate their natural diamonds from synthetics. Featuring interviews with scientists and experts in the field as well as the inside story behind this scientific revolution in diamond production and sales, Horizon follows both sides of this journey while exploring its implications for buyers and sellers alike.

For anyone who ever wanted to know what goes into making a perfect artificial diamond or find out more about how De Beers is tackling this challenge head on, Diamond Labs is an eye-opening exploration that should not be missed. From technological marvels discovered deep underground to precious stones crafted in laboratories around the world, you won’t want to miss out on this fascinating tale about diamonds – real or otherwise.

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David B