Diabetes – A lucrative disease

Jun 7, 2023 | Health, Videos

In a world where mega corporations reap enormous profits by peddling drugs for chronic diseases, “Diabetes: The Hidden Truth” promises to take a deeper look at the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes. With over 430 million people affected worldwide, this documentary delves into the root causes of the disease, exposing the ways in which society and the medical industry contribute to its spread.
Through the eyes of whistleblowers, researchers, doctors, and patients, “Diabetes: The Hidden Truth” uncovers alarming truths about the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the diabetes epidemic. This documentary reveals that the focus on blood glucose levels and the overreliance on medication have led to dangerous side effects, and treatment cycles that often do not halt the disease’s destructive progress. “Diabetes: The Hidden Truth” also presents alternatives to medication, including lifestyle changes that can lead to remission, while inviting viewers to join a conversation towards a complete rethinking of chronic disease management.

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David B