Detroit Lives

Aug 26, 2023 | Art, Lifestyle, Social, Videos

Detroit has long been a source of fascination for the rest of the world, going through phases of prosperity and decline over the years. However, over recent years, there has been a new wave of creative energy in Detroit that is transforming the city in remarkable ways.

Thanks to a number of passionate people who are investing their time and money into Detroit’s future, it is quickly becoming one of America’s most vibrant cities. Johnny Knoxville visited the Motor City recently to explore this transformation for himself and create a documentary about it. He found a city that is alive with exciting new businesses, communities, and art forms; all taking root in the many abandoned buildings that were once expected to remain vacant forever.

This documentary provides an inside look at this incredible metamorphosis as it takes place. It gives viewers an opportunity to walk its streets and speak with some of its most inspiring entrepreneurs and artists who are leading Detroit’s revival. Through this documentary, viewers get an intimate understanding of what life looks like when creative minds come together to make something truly special out of nothing.

If you’re looking for a unique chance to explore one of America’s great cities during its resurgence then don’t miss out on this inspiring documentary from Johnny Knoxville! Get ready for an eye-opening journey through one of America’s most iconic cities – reinvented!

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